Is your innovation failing to drive growth? Do you struggle to turn your strategy into action? to connect your technology and marketing capabilities and people? discover your growth sweet spot and hit it! with:


Innovation Acceleration

I will guide you and support you execute end-to-end to hit the growth sweet spot fast.

  1. Embedded Accelerators to transform the core and build adjacencies.

    Establishing a “portfolio of gems” with technical and marketing teams operating as one like “venture teams” to overcome organisational roadblocks and drive Time to Market.

  2. Co-creating ideas and Integrated Business Value Propositions.

    Crowd-shaping ideas and creating Minimum Viable Business Propositions out of your growth sweet spot that your business will want to implement fast.

  3. Digital Innovation as the next growth pillar.

    Create a digital strategy, value propositions, business models, capabilities and partners plan to kick-start or strengthen the digitalisation of your innovation pipeline.


Jump! innovation lessons

The first journey of the Barnacle gosling out of its nest, as told by BBC Life Story, triggered me to make an unexpected connection with...

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Powerful beliefs.

Having a strategy is important, but delivering it is what builds a business. And a strategy is delivered by people, not processes.

Aligning Business and Customer needs with Technology and Marketing capabilities and people. That turns strategy into innovation action and commitment that delivers growth.

One mission, one team
Aligned growth strategies

A mind, once stretched, cannot go back
Ideal Product and Customer Experiences

Speed is liberating
Acceleration as the way of working

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