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Christine Mei

CEO at Gathered Foods Corporation

Most definitely, Antonio is one of the most passionate, committed, and multi-dimensional leaders I have had the pleasure to know. His depth of technical knowledge combined with his energizing curiosity fuels innovative creativity and inspires ingenious thinking. His strength is not only in collaboratively mapping the path but also journeying alongside to execute the plan. During our time together at Philips and in the subsequent years since, I have appreciated Antonio’s insights and encouragement on both a professional and personal level. He listens to understand, speaks to guide and encourage. Antonio gives nothing short of 100%.

Jennifer Lindsey

VP Global Marketing at Corbion

AJ is no usual consultant that passively moves from one project to another, one client to another client. AJ puts his energy, his commitment, fully to the client and the project. Throughout the project, as a client, you start to realize he has the experience, the authority, the knowledge to facilitate and drive progress forward. He does this by drawing out the strengths across individual team-members, always connecting to a market-backed strategy, and through positive challenging of thinking. His global experience in various corporate leadership roles is evident, as is his care as a leader, through recognizing cultural differences to be leveraged in global teams and instilling trust in his facilitation, leadership, mentoring. I found I gained a 'colleague' along the way. I highly recommend AJ for projects where you need the structure, yet creativity and innovation to take your company or team to the next level.

Jeroen Heijmans

Area VP & Deputy Country Leader at Salesforce

I enjoyed a nice amount of business coaching and a bit of personal coaching in 2021 from Antonio and his company Growthride. He has been the best coach I've worked with in my whole career. Somebody who is used to work on international board level in High Tech and Consumer Goods and has a deep understanding of the challenges technology companies and their leadership have whilst working in a fast changing environment. This definitely contributed to the quality of his advice. Last but not least he's also a very pleasant person to work with.

Ignacio Núñez

Sr Director, Operational Excellence, Philips

I have known Antonio since 2009, first professionally as my direct manager, when he was the EVP and Chief of Innovation, Marketing and Strategy for Philips and subsequently as advisor and mentor. Antonio has the capability of look into very complex paradigms and structure them in such a way that the path forward towards efficiency seems simple. When we talk about innovation, marketing or strategy there are always multiple layers and dimensions to consider before making a decision. Here is where an end-to-end approach will help you to be more thorough, and Antonio is a master of this. I have learned enormously from him in this area. More often than not I run into Biotech R&D scientists who are geniuses in their fields, yet chaotic in their approach; Antonio’s expertise in applying a structured approach to innovation with the end vision in mind is the perfect complement in those settings. Last, and probably the most important for me, is the soft skills and human side which has to be taken into consideration in every change management. Antonio instills a management with care, a servant leadership, which makes an organization galvanize around his direction, with all team members being ready to go the extra mile out of commitment to him.